How to use the first run address in webview and push app

Web App (Web View, Push App) Function - How to Use the First Run Address Function

*This function is available in the App Creation V3 version.

If you are using an older version (V2), please switch to V3 and use it.

What is the first run address?

The first run address is the separate web page that is only shown the first time installation in the app in addition to the website associated with the app(from which the app is created).

You can apply it to web apps that connect websites, such as webviews, push apps, etc.

The page is only visible the first time the app is launched, and not when the app is relaunched after the app exits. (Originally shown as a linked website)

The first-launch address is a common feature in web apps.

You can use a separate page to promote your use of the app a lot and as a reminder, before you launch the app.

Or, if you have important instructions and must-see things to do when installing the app, you can show it to users by attaching a separate link in the first run address.

How to use the first run address

The first launch address is only available in the webview app and the push only app.

You can check the Set First Run Address option in the STEP3 page step.

After checking "Yes", enter the address (URL) of the website link in the address field.

Enter the appropriate menu and select [Save] –> [App Creation].

We created it by applying the Swing2App blog 'App Creation Manual Guide' URL to the first run address field.

*Important Information

Because this is the screen that is only visible the first time after installation, users who have already created the app must re-create the app if they add a new first launch address or change the address. _ Update required!!

Just saving it won't be reflected.

After reinstalling (updating) the app to the new version, you need to launch the app, which will change to the website (webpage) that you put in the first launch address and it will be displayed.

Check the app_ Check the video of the first launch address

This is the screen where you applied the first launch address and then launched the app after installation.

When you launch the app, you will notice that the Swing2App Blog – V3 App Creation Manual Posting link screen that you entered in the address field opens.

-After exiting the app, relaunch the screen

And when you exit the app and launch the app again, it's the website you originally applied to the webview app.

You'll be shown a direct link to the Swing2App homepage.

In the manual I introduced, I put a link to my blog, but if you have created a separate page for introduction, we recommend that you enter a link to that page.

If you don't use the first run address or change the link address, you must update the app after modifying it.

If you haven't released it to the Store, please uninstall the app and install it again to confirm.

Apps released on the App Store or Play Store must be updated with a newly created version of the app.

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