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App Store – How do I create an Apple developer account?

Kindly check the below-mentioned link to know how to create an Apple developer account.

**☞ **See how to create an Apple developer account

How much does it cost to register an Apple developer account?

The 1-year subscription to the Apple developer account costs 99 USD.

An Apple developer account must be renewed every 1 year.

If you don't pay before the expiration of the subscription period, the app will be removed from the App Store.

(Apps that have been removed can be re-registered after paying the fee)

Can the Swing2App team register my app on the App Store on my behalf?

Yes, we can.

If it's difficult for users to create their own Apple developer account, or if there is some other issue, users can launch their app to the App Store with a Swing2App account.

*Google cannot register as an account proxy.

When you apply for an App Store upload, please agree to the proxy registration notices registered in the application and you will register with your Swing2App account.

However, regarding proxy registration, you must check and agree to all of the following notes.

App Store Developer Name: It is distributed as ‘Hyu Stay HYU STAY’. Can I change it?

If you’ve registered with Apple as a Swing2App account, you can’t specify the distributor name for each app because you’re registered as a Swing2App public account.

So, you’ll need to use the Swing2App developer name.

If you would like to specify a distributor, please create an Apple Developer Account.

When uploading the App Store, the Apple Developer Account you created: Enter your ID and password, and we’ll upload it to that account.

The developer name is, of course, applied as a user name.

☞ [Go to see how to create an Apple developer account]

How long does the App Store take to launch the app?

The App Store will be uploaded to Swing2App and checked by the team in charge.

After the review period, it usually takes one to two weeks to launch.

Usually, if there is no problem, it will be released within 2 weeks.

However, Apple may take more than the above time because the review is often rejected.

After the launch of the app, is it possible to transfer my app to my developer account from the Swing2App account on the App Store?

Yes, you can.

After launching with a Swing2App Developer account, if you've registered for your Apple Developer account, you can move your app to that account.

However, moving the app to that account also requires you to re-register the app, so you will need to purchase an upload ticket and apply for the store upload request form _(App Store upload ticket costs 20 USD)

In the Upload Application request form, you can fill in the existing released app transfer request, and fill in the account:ID and password you created.

Is it not officially released on the App Store and can only be used by internal employees and employees?

The App Store does not approve the official launch of in-house apps for internal use within the company and used only by employees.

This means that you can only launch apps that are available to all users on the App Store.

Therefore, if you create an app that is only available to employees within your company, it will not be available on the App Store, which can be difficult for iPhone users to use.

The only way to do this is to release your app to users who have been added using test-flight, rather than making it officially available to the App Store.

[How to use the App Store test-flight]

The method of use is the same as using a paid app.

You'll need to purchase a swing paid app pass, an app store upload ticket.

After purchasing the upload ticket, please apply for the App Store upload from the App Production History page → the App Operation → Version Management *App Operation.

It's not an actual official release, but the test-launched app will also be available after being vetted by Apple on the App Store.

Therefore, you will need to fill in all the fields on the upload application to apply. After the application is completed, please email : the App Store test-flight request email.

Please collect and send us all the Apple accounts (email addresses) of users who want to use the iPhone app.

Once inside your iPhone, you can check your Apple-ID by entering the Settings menu.

*Your Apple Account must be sent to the final.

*If you make any additions in the future, you will need to purchase and apply for a re-upload ticket, so we recommend that you collect and forward the email accounts of all iPhone users.

The launch of the app store test-flight app takes about 3-5 days to review.

It's sooner than an official rollout of the app, and it's almost always approved without rejection.

Once the review and approval is complete, an invit email will be sent to the iPhone users' accounts above.

Users can check the invitation email and download the app to their iPhone.


1)The launch of the test-flight app has a 90-day service period.

Apple's policy only allows you to use it for 90 days, and if you need more access to the iPhone app, you'll need to request an App Store upload again.

We will then update the app version again to get back to work.

2) Paid app access is also available only if it is purchased.

Even if it's not an official release, the concept of launching it on the App Store is the same, so if it's not a paid app, it won't be available and you'll be suspended.

Therefore, you should continue to maintain the paid version of the app.

3) Apple user accounts (email addresses) must be collected when you first apply for an App Store upload.

Each subsequent invitation to a user account, you will incur a cost because you will have to re-submit the upload request for each invitation.

I have released an app on the App Store with my account. How do I change the Developer’s name?

You might want to change your developer’s name while you’re using the App Store with your account. For Apple, you can’t change the developer’s name along the way like Google. You can only continue using the developer’s name you registered when you first created your developer account. You will not be able to change your developer’s name along the way for no particular reason.

Instead, Apple can change the account from individual to organization. If you initially signed up as an individual and then changed to an organization, you can edit your developer’s name.

Rejection case- Why are there so many rejection when reviewing the App Store?

Unlike Google, Apple has a lot of app reviews. Judging is refused for a variety of reasons. The most notable cases of rejection of the screening:

  1. Violation of metadata policy: If there is no content within the app, or sexually related content, images, and offensive content.

  2. Design minimum feature violation: When the app is the same as the website (if you create an app like a website, you can’t be recognized as an app)

  3. Web link error: You can’t find the address because you entered the web link URL that is linked to the app incorrectly, or it’s the wrong web link address.

  4. Use Apple’s Unique Images: When using images such as icons created by Apple

  5. Unauthorized use of copyrighted images: Similar to the above, when you are using copyrighted images, such as brand logos and icons from other companies.

  6. Image quality: When working with app icons, standby screen images, etc., the image quality is poor or low-quality image.

  7. Request for personal information for membership: When requesting personal information such as the user’s phone number in the sign-up window

  8. Private app: You must submit a demo account together to check the contents of the app.

The Play Store is reviewed by a similar policy as Apple, so please check the Play Store as well. There are many more cases of Apple rejection, so please refer to the relevant post for more details.

**☞ **See Apple App Store App Release Refusal Case

The app that was released and used in the App Store has been dropped. Why is that?

Apple developers, unlike Google, have a one-year term. * Google is used for a lifetime. So, Apple needs to renew the subscription period by paying the developer account fee every year. If a well-released app goes down, it is likely that the contract has expired. Please go to the Apple iTunes site and log in with your Developer account to check the period. if the contract has expired, you will be prompted to renew your membership on the main page.

Please renew your membership at the Apple Developer website. *Apple Developer Fees; $129 per year.

Can’t the user upload apps directly to the App Store?

Even if you have an Apple developer account, users can't upload their app directly to the App store.

Users can only upload their app on the App store on behalf of Swing2App.

Unlike Google, Apple doesn’t allow users to directly upload apps because they need the developer’s development source and security-related content, and so on.

Please note that you can only upload from the developer (swing2app). (App store upload fee: $20 per request)

How do I update an app that has been released on the App Store?

As mentioned earlier, the App Store cannot be uploaded directly by the user, so if there is an update, you will need to reapply for the upload to Swing2App.

Please reapply for the upload after purchasing the App Store upload request ticket ($20).

Uploading costs are required for each update, so if there are any changes, it is recommended to work at once.

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