Swing Store Terms and Conditions

Swing Store Terms and Conditions

1. The swing store app can be used after approval through Swing2App’s own internal review. (You can’t use it just by applying)

2. Apps that have been approved will be exposed to the Swing Store. * Swing Store will be open soon, so users’ apps will be exposed like a portfolio, and it is a required item, not a choice.

3. Based on the app application, if there is a policy violation, Swing2App will not approve of the app.

1) Apps that include or promote pornography such as online casinos, sports betting, game-playing, micropayments, etc,.

2) Apps with insufficient functionality or design (apps with poor image quality, such as icons, or without content)

3) Apps created only with the basic settings in Swing2App.

4) Prohibit the use of apps for intranet and internal use by organizations.

4. In addition, the app that is deemed inappropriate content by the Swing2App operation team rejects approval.

5. You own all rights to the service and your data rights.

6. All legal issues related to the operation of the app service made by Swing2App are the responsibility of the app creator and not the developer.

7. Even if the app is approved, if there is malicious use during operation, the app will be stopped immediately. (We will periodically filter the app)

8. The source and program rights for the program are all located at Swing2App, Inc., the swing2app operator.

9. Swing Store App can be used as marketing information.

1) The swing store can provide information by utilizing the information of the corresponding service.

10. The app is not approved if the design of the app is incomplete or if the Swing2App is judged to have low utilization due to its simple functionality.

– Apps that simply view content or do not interact with the user.

11. Apps intended for packaging Swing2App through the web or mobile production of other services other than Swing2App are not approved.

– When linking a homepage or an app created by other services other than Swing2App.

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