Paid App Passes & Tickets FAQ

Does the paid app subscription apply to one app only?

Four subscriptions and all paid products are applicable per app.

For example, if you want to launch 3 apps on the Store, you'll need to purchase each of them for each app.

When do I purchase a paid app subscription?

Paid app subscriptions are counted as soon as they are purchased.

For example, if you paid on March 4th, the period starts on the 4th of March.

Therefore, please pay for and use the final app after it is created.

Is the 1 month of paid app subscription based on 30 days?

1-month subscription is based on 30 days.

6 months is for 180 days of use and 12 months is for 360 days.

If I purchase a paid app pass, will the app be launched directly to the Store?

Just because you purchased a subscription doesn't mean it's going to be launched on the store right away.

A subscription is a conversion of an app to a paid version, which must be registered with the store where you want it to be released.

After purchasing the Play Store upload ticket and the App Store upload ticket, please request the upload and we will proceed with the store launch.

Can I purchase a basic paid app subscription and then change it to an extended subscription in the middle?

Yes, it is possible to change it, but it will be changed to another product only after the end of the period of use currently in use.

It cannot be changed during the period of use, and will be applied as another subscription product after the end of the period.

In addition to the basic subscription, other products can also be changed after the end of the period of use of the use of the use right.

What is a Play Store upload ticket, an App Store upload ticket?

This is an agency fee for registering apps created in Swing2App on the Play Store and App Store.

If it is difficult to launch in person, please purchase the ticket and apply for upload, and we will launch it on our behalf.

Does the upload ticket apply to one app only?

Upload tickets cost 1 time and are applicable to one app.

If you need to upload multiple apps, you'll need to purchase an upload ticket for each of those apps.

After I buy upload tickets, where do I apply for uploads?

*Go to the App Manager page →Version Management→App Creation History menu and select the [Request for Play Store Upload], [Application for App Store Upload] button.

Fill in the application form and complete the upload application.

Please apply for upload after payment, as we will be able to perform the upload process only after the application has been received.

What is a Mobile Web Registration Ticket?

It is a service that allows you to register an app created by Swing2App by making it a mobile website.

You can purchase a separate domain, purchase a mobile web registration ticket, request a mobile web registration, and we will upload the application you created on the web as it is.

Is mobile web registration not available on the Basic Pass?

Mobile web registration can only be applied for when purchasing an extensible, premium subscription.

The basic subscription does not apply to the mobile web registration application, so please refer to the use form.

For how long can I use the mobile web?

The period of use of the mobile web is the same as the period of use of the paid app.

Since the app is connected to the web as it is, when the paid use period of the app ends, the mobile web will end the same period.

*If the paid app is used for 1 month, the mobile web will be available for 1 month, and the mobile web will be automatically extended when the paid app subscription is repaid.

Do I need to have the domain required for mobile web registration?

Yes, you must purchase your domain before you can purchase your mobile web registration ticket.

Please purchase a separate domain that can link the app. *Hosting companies such as Cafe24, Kodo Mall, etc.

Since you need a domain to connect to a mobile website, you can buy a domain first, then purchase an extended subscription and a mobile web registration ticket.

If I update the app, do I need to re-purchase a store upload ticket?

If you update your app, you'll need to update it on the launch store as well, so you'll need to buy an upload ticket and reapply for upload.

In addition to app updates, you will also need to purchase an upload ticket to re-apply for content such as modifying the app description, screenshot images, etc. that have been released to the Store.

*Play Store does not require you to purchase upload tickets if you do it yourself.

*The App Store can only be uploaded and updated and needs to be purchased. *Updates also have a review time, and they take the same amount of time as app registration review time.

If I update the app, do I need to re-purchase my mobile web registration ticket?

Yes, you need to purchase a mobile web registration ticket and apply for upload.

We'll also update the mobile web with the changes.

Does an upload ticket cost 1 time? (Store, Mobile Web Registration Ticket)

Yes, an upload ticket costs 1 time.

(Includes PlayStore, App Store, and Mobile Web Registration Tickets)

After the app launches, if you need an update, you'll need to repurchase your upload ticket and re-apply for upload.

*If the Play Store can be updated directly, you can do it yourself without having to purchase an upload ticket.

What is a storage add-on?

It's a la carte product that you can only add to your app storage if you need it.

It is a monthly product that is applied on a 1-month basis.

You can choose from 2GB to ~100GB of required capacities to purchase.

Will the storage capacity be available for 1 month?

Yes, your purchased capacity will be available for 1 month.

If you need another dose after 1 month, you will need to re-purchase and use the required capacity.

If I purchase multiple additional storage items, will the combined capacity be applied?

Capacity add-ons do not add up to capacity.

For example) If you purchase three 2GB storage products, it will be divided into 1 month of time by adding 2GB of capacity for 1 month and then adding another 2GB in the following month.

The combined capacity does not add up to 6 GB, which applies in 1-month increments.

So if you need a larger capacity, please purchase an additional 5GB or 10GB capacity.

What happens if my app is overcapacity?

If the amount provided to the app is exceeded, the app will be suspended regardless of the number of days remaining in the app, so please always check the app capacity.

*If the capacity is exceeded, we will notify you by e-mail.

*You can free up capacity by purchasing additional capacity products, or you can manage capacity by deleting large posts from the resource management page.

Will the purchase of additional storage items be reflected directly in the app?

Yes, it will automatically be reflected in the app and will add as much capacity as you have purchased.

As it is a product with a period of use, please pay according to the time you need.

What is an SMS ticket?

A product that allows you to send SMS text messages to users of your app.

It is $20 for 1,000 shipments.

How do I buy more than 1,000 SMS texts?

You can check the purchased quantity at checkout to purchase more shipments.

Example) For two purchases, 2,000 purchases will be made and the cost will be calculated as $40.

How are SMS texts deducted, and where do I check the remaining quantity?

Each SMS authentication is deducted each time you send, and text messages are also deducted based on the number of messages you send.

The SMS shipment quantity can be checked → the remaining quantity on the payment → payment product usage page on the swing app operation page.

Can I send an SMS item directly when I purchase it? Where can I send it?

[Send SMS Message] When you purchase a product, it will be automatically reflected on the admin page, and you can send a text to the app member immediately.

Text messages can be sent → Push & Push Sending → Members → sending SMS to the app operator.

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