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What is a survey?

Survey management is a feature that allows you to conduct surveys of users who use the app.

Objective surveys can be conducted with feedback from users, and surveys can be conducted for various purposes, such as satisfaction surveys, promotional surveys, etc.

The Swing2App provides a tool for surveying, so you can create a questionnaire simply by entering the question and answer questions..

**1.**Create a survey

First and foremost, create a survey on the app operation page.

1. Move the Survey Management menu

1) App Manager Page → Service Management → Survey Management Go to the menu.

2) Select the Add Survey button.

2. Enter basic information

On the Survey Management page, please enter the basic information required for the survey~!!

* Items marked are mandatory items.

1)Survey Name: Enter the title of the survey you want to conduct.

2) Set a Duration: A period is a period that enters the duration during which you want to conduct the survey, and specifies the start and end dates as dates and times.

You can select the calendar icon or clock icon to set up an event.

3)Add New Survey Items: Survey item management is done by clicking the [Add New Survey Item] button on the right by entering what you want to enter the questionnaire.

+Surveys can be set to push

Select +Push Settings, select the sender and enter the title, content, and image to send the push.

+If you need to notify a large number of users of your survey as an announcement, it's a good idea to use push.

3. Enter Survey Entries

1) Questions: Enter the questions you want to fill out the questionnaire.

*Select HTML Editor or Simple Editor

If you have a variety of optional features, such as font settings, text colors, and attaching images/files/links, please select the HTML Editor and enter your questions.

Simple Editor does not have access to the Writing Options feature

2) Use as a guide page: You can use a guide page for the purpose of writing a notice rather than a page that answers questions.

We will explain in detail how to use it below.

3) Required: Whether it is required or not is the item that selects whether the question is a mandatory question to be answered or whether it is not allowed to be answered.

So if you need to answer a required answer, please check the 'Required Answers' section.

4) Answer Type: The answer type is a single choice that users can choose only one choice when choosing an answer;

Multiple selectable multiple selections,

Select and check if this is a descriptive answer that needs to be entered in writing.

=> The input method for each type of answer will be explained below!

5) Create a single choice: For questionnaires where you select a view and fill in the answers, you can add items by clicking the 'Create Answer' icon.

6) Save: When all the inputs are done, press Save.

4. Complete the registration of the questionnaire

When you have finished entering the questionnaire preferences and contents, press 'Save'.

If you look at the survey management page, you can see the completed questionnaire~!

2. [Survey] – Apply it to your app

Once you've created all the surveys in your app, you should be able to apply them to your app and run the actual surveys in your app, right?

We'll show you how to apply the survey menu to the app!

Move the app creation screen

1)STEP3 Go to the page step.

2)Create a new menu. (+ Select the shape button to add a menu)

3) Enter the menu name

4) Select [Basic Functions] - [Page] in the page design.

5) Find the 'Survey' page and select the [Apply] button.

(Hover the mouse cursor over the page and the Apply button opens)

6) Press the [Save] button at the top of the screen to apply it to the app.

*If you select the Preview button, you can check how the page will look with a web preview (virtual machine).

*After applying a page, you can also check how the page is applied to the app through a virtual machine.

*Menu icon during the production phase, menu settings are not required.

In the manual, we proceeded without any input, and please apply additional if necessary when creating the app.

STEP.3 App launch screen: Check the survey page

Once you've even applied the app, let's see how the survey runs in the actual app!

When you launch the app again after you've finished entering the survey, the entered survey will appear.

Selecting the item takes you to the survey.

STEP.4 View Survey Results & Manage Surveys

You also need to know how to view and manage your survey results, right?

App Manager Page → Service Management → Survey Management Go to the menu.

In the Survey Management menu, you can manage ongoing and closed surveys.

You can also manage the members who participated in the survey.

*If you select the number of participants, you can check the member information that participated in the survey, and if you select a member, you can check the survey results.

If you select the [download] button, you can also download the survey result sheet to an Excel file.

When you select a member, you will be able to see a list of survey answers entered by that member.

You can add new polls, close surveys, and edit &delete all features.

- Select the 'Add Survey' button to add a new questionnaire in addition to the existing questionnaire.

-You can edit the question by selecting the 'Edit' button, or you can delete the survey by selecting the 'Delete' button.

[Organize how to use the survey menu]

설문조사 만들기, 앱에서 설문 참여하기 상세 내용은 아래 매뉴얼을 꼭~ 확인해주세요!

[설문조사 이용방법- 등록, 관리 및 앱실행화면]

▶ 설문조사지 만들기

앱운영 페이지 → 서비스관리 →설문관리 → [설문 추가] 버튼을 선택 → 설문조사명, 설문기간 설정 후 → [새 설문항목 추가] 버튼을 눌러서 질문 및 답변 항목을 입력해주시면 됩니다.

▶설문지 앱에 적용하는 방법

만들어진 설문지는 앱에 적용해주세요.

앱제작 페이지 → 페이지메뉴 → 메뉴추가 →메뉴이름 →[스윙 페이지] 불러오기 → ‘설문조사’ 선택 적용 후 저장

▶앱에서 설문 참여하기

앱을 실행 한뒤 설문조사에 참여할 수 있습니다.

적용된 메뉴를 선택한 뒤 화면을 터치하면 설문에 참여할 수 있어요.

*설문조사는 앱에 가입된 회원 – 사용자 등급부터 이용할 수 있어요. 손님은 이용할 수 없으니 이용시 참고 부탁드려요.

▶사용자들이 입력한 설문 결과 확인하기

앱운영 페이지 → 서비스관리 →설문관리→참여 인원에서 ‘숫자’ 선택 → ‘사용자’를 선택하면 설문 결과를 확인할 수 있습니다.

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