How to apply for affiliate program

How to apply for the affiliate program

What is the swing2app affiliate program?

1. Go to Manager Page → My Menu → Affiliate Program application menu.

2. Please enter the required items on the Affiliate Program application page and apply.

1) The name and ID you enter are fixed. Enter your email address. (You can enter the same ID or enter a different email address)

2) Enter your phone number. (Please enter your mobile number)

3) Register the homepage link. (If you do not have a homepage, you can enter an URL for blogs, cafes, Social Media, etc,)

4) Please select an affiliate program as an advertising affiliate program.

5) Please register for the affiliate program attachment. *If you have an introduction to the company or an individual operator, make sure to file an introduction PR and attach it.

This is an important evaluation item for the partnership review, so please submit it carefully. (Please introduce what kind of business you have and what kind of shopping mall you have).

6) Please leave a brief description of the direction of your future activities.

7) Select the Affiliate Application button to complete.

—— During Review——

The Swing2App team will review and approve the affiliate application.

Normally, we will inform you of the evaluation result by e-mail in 1-2 days.

(The screening is not difficult. You will be judged based on the information you provided in the application.)

The admin screen and URL will be provided to the authorized user account.

3. Approved

Once your affiliate application is approved, the affiliate management page opens.

If you look at My menu on the app operation page, the [Affiliate Management] menu will be created.

*The menu does not open until approved, so check the affiliate management menu after confirming the approval email.

4. Operate Affiliate Program

The affiliate program administrator page.

You can check the affiliate URL through the administrator information.

Just link the URL to the banner.

Check out the various menus in the menu bar at the top.

You can manage affiliate programs while checking menus such as statistical indicators, settlement management, and advertisement management.

In the future, the administrator can check the distribution rate per case, the number of subscribers who entered through affiliates, sales, cumulative revenue, and monthly settlement details.

▶ Advantages of swing2app affiliate program

-Continuous Revenue Guarantee & Unlimited Payment Limit

-Lifetime commission payment without limiting sales of attracted customers

-Receive profits without limiting the amount you promote

-1-month monthly earnings deposit

​-Settlement and deposit with the monthly payment account, simple settlement system

-You can check the real-time settlement amount

-Real-time user inflow statistics for checking the promotional effect

-Can manage advertisement performance by media such as blog and Social Media

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