Product Modification - Modify a registered product

I'll show you how to modify the items you registered in the swing shop.

Regardless of the type of product (physical, booked, digital), the method of modifying the product is the same.

Modify your swing shop merchandise

Go to the App Operation screen.

1)Swing Shop - Product Management Selection

2)Select [Product Lookup] from the left menu.

3)Select the product name you want to edit from the product inquiry list.

You will be taken to the Edit Product Registration screen.

The product registration screen and the edit screen work on the same page.

It becomes the registration screen when registering a new product, and switches to the edit screen when modifying an already registered product.

Therefore, after you modify what you want to edit on that page, select the [Edit] button at the bottom of the screen to take effect

Instead of needing a separate app update, just select Modify and the fix will be automatically reflected in the app.

If you exit the app and relaunch it, you can see the modifications.

Copy an item

The copy function is also available.

If you want to re-register a similar type of product or the same product, you don't have to re-register the product in the first place.

If you select the [Copy] button at the bottom of the product registration screen, the product page will be copied as is.

You can easily register your product by reflecting your edits on that page and selecting the Modify button again.

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