STEP4 Complete App Creation

STEP4 Complete App Creation

When you're done building in the Swing-to-App App Maker, choose to build your app so that you can download it.

1) Select the [Save] button *Finally, save all the contents.

2) Select the [Create App] button.

3)Select [Create] in the Update Options window.

*Update type, display options can be made as checked.

Since this is your first time building an app (there is nothing to update), no matter how you apply it, it won't affect your production.

If you subsequently modify the app and proceed with the update, please select the form you want.

- Creating an app doesn't cost anything. After production, you can come back into the maker screen to modify and update the app.

- A file (APK) is created that requires authoring to download the app.

-You can download and install the APK file to your Android phone. You can check the apps you created by installing them directly on your phone.

*App installation can only be done on Android phones. iPhone not available

- If you need to modify it after production, please go back to App Creation and do the same.

If an update is required, please select the [Update App] button to update the app version to use it.

Check your app's creation history

If you click Create App on the App Creation page, you will be immediately taken to the App History page on the App Operations page.

If you check the status of each platform, is it still marked as 'Pending Production Order'?

You can check the progress of your app's creation on that screen.

Please be patient because it will be made within 5 minutes after pressing the app creation request ~!

In less than 1 minute while I was waiting for the production, a [Swing Preview] pop-up window popped up.

It's a feature that allows you to preview the app through a swing preview before it is created.

*View on the web: Select the [Watch directly on the web] button to preview apps created on virtual machines on the web.

*Preview to your phone: After downloading the official Swing-to-App app – App Preview menu – log in with your swing account or scan the QR code shown in the pop-up window and you can preview the app on your phone! (It's a preview, not a down)

After a while, you'll notice that the platform-specific status has changed to "App Creation Complete."

With App Preview, you can download the app from your Android phone.

See how to install apps created using app preview on your phone

Or, when the production is complete, the APK file (the file that you can download the app from) will be sent to you via Swing2App subscription email.

You can also open the mailbox on your phone to download and install the APK file directly.

*APK The file will not be opened on your PC, so be sure to check it on your phone.

*APK file installation can only be installed on Android phones. (iPhones are not supported.)

See how to install apps created using app preview on your phone

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