STEP1 Basic Information

Creating an App - STEP1 Basic

App Creation STEP1– Enter Basic Information

The App Maker V3 Production Manual will show you how to enter the STEP1 basic information.

Here you need to enter the basic information required to create an app, such as the app name, icon image, splash screen image, and app ID.

STEP1 Basic Information

1. App Name: Enter your app name.

2. App ID: Enter a unique ID for your app. After entering your ID, do check if that ID is correct and available for use. *ID should start with English + 6 characters or more including numbers!

3. App icon: Register the app icon image.

4. Splash screen: Register a splash screen image that will be displayed for 1-2 seconds when the app is launched.

*If you have entered all (app name, icon image, splash screen image) in the App Creation Wizard window, you do not need to enter it again in the MakerV3 screen.

5. Save changes: Whenever you make changes, select the [Save] button to save the work.

Upload an icon image

Icon image size: 1024px*1024px

1)Click on the [Upload icon image] button

2) A pop-up window will appear, click on the [Upload Image] button to register the image.

3)After registering the image, click on the [Apply] button.

Upload a splash screen image

Standby Screen Image Size : 2282px*2282px

1)Click on the [Upload splash screen image] button

2)A pop-up window will appear, click on the [Upload Image] button to register the image.

3)After registering the image, click on the [Apply] button.

Check out the icons and splash screen image creation guide.

We also have a guide in which we have shown a different way to use an app icon and a guide to use as a splash screen. Be sure to design and apply the image as per the guide.

Go to the icon image creation guide

Go to the standby screen image creation guide

Basic information registration complete

STEP1 The basic information: Users should add this information to the app creation wizard screen, and if they wish they can easily modify it on the MakerV3 screen.

Except for the app ID, the app name, icons, and splash screen images can be modified even after the app is created.

*STEP1- After modifying the Basic Information step, you must press the [Update App] button to update to the new version to reflect modified items in your app.

What is the image editing tool?

The image editing tool is a feature that allows you to easily modify the size of the image.

In case your register icon and splash screen image do not fit the recommended size, worry not, you can modify the size through the image editing tool.

If the image size you want to upload when creating the app is different from the recommended image size listed in the creation method, you can easily modify the size in this editing tool.

The app icon image recommended size is 1024 x 1024 px.

If the attached image does not match the size, a window will pop up warning that the size does not match as shown in the image above.

Click on 'OK' button to enter in the Image Editing Tool window.

As you can see in the image, the (blue line) area is designated as the image size to be uploaded in the image editing tool window.

You can select the blue line with your mouse to pull or reduce it. You can edit the image to fit the area.

If the image is large, simply drag the area with the mouse to apply the desired image.

* If you upload an image smaller than the size you need to upload, you may need to increase the size of the original image, which may result in poor image resolution.

(This happens when the uploaded image size is smaller than the image size above 1024×1024).

Therefore, we recommend that you use an image that is larger than the specified size!!

When you finished editing the image, click on the [Uploaded] button**.**

The image size has been modified.

check the uploaded image in the file attachment window and select the [Apply] button.

This way you can modify image size in the swing2app image editor tool.

Editing Tool Precautions

1)We recommend you to upload images as per recommended size guide provided by us.

Although the swing2app image editor tool is good for resizing the image but since the icons and splash screens are large images with a resolution that is immediately visible when installing a mobile phone app, it is much better in terms of quality to register the finished image than to artificially modify the size.

2)The image editing tool only provides the ability to resize the image.

It does not offer picture editing functions such as Photoshop, Illustration, and Paint. Therefore, please upload a final image after editing it in some proper editing software.

3)If you upload an image that is smaller than the recommended image size, the image resolution will have a bad impact when you'll resize it.

Therefore, we recommend that you use images that are larger than the specified size.

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