Move a post

How to select a post and move it to another bulletin board

What is moving a post?

Move post is a function that allows you to select a post and move it to the desired board.

Unlike copying a post, a post registered on an existing board is deleted, and the date of creation remains the original registration date.

Copy post

Ability to copy posts to another board

+The post will be retained on existing boards.

+The registered date of the copied text will be modified to the copied date.

Move a post

Ability to move posts to another board

+On existing boards, the post will be deleted.

+Moved articles will retain their original creation date.

How to move a post

1) App Manager screen – Select the board created in Manage posts (The board where you want to move the post)

2. Click on the [List].

3) Select the post you want to move from the list of created posts.

4) Click on the [Move the Posts] button.

5) Select the target board, and then select the [Move] button.

6)Click on the [OK] button to finish the process.

- You can also move the entire page of the board.

-You can select any board and move only a few posts.

When you go to the board, you can see that the selected post has been moved.

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