Affiliate Program FAQ

What is Swing2App Affiliate Program?

It is an affiliate program in which you need to promote Swing2App on your blog, homepage, or social media, and receives a portion of the sales amount of the user who accessed your ad for the Swing2App.

Anyone can become a marketer for Swing2App, and the revenue of users who access your advertisement becomes your profit for the rest of your life.

*How to use

>You can fill out the affiliate program application form by-> the Swing2App Manager-> My menu-> Affiliate Program

**☞ **Visit the Affiliate Program

How to Apply for the Affiliate Program?

For the Swing Affiliate Program, please log in to the Swing2App homepage and check the app Manager page.

At the top of the page, select the [My Menu] –> [Affiliate Program]option, to fill out the affiliate application form.

For more information on how to apply for the affiliate program, please refer to the guide.

[Go to How to Apply for Affiliate Program]

Where can I find the Affiliate Program administrator page?

Once the affiliate application is approved, the Affiliate Management page will be opened.

Go to the Swing2App Manager page → My menu → Affiliate Program menu.

The affiliate management page will not open until approval, so you can check the affiliate program menu after confirming your approval.

This is the affiliate program manager page. You can check the affiliate URL through the admin information.

Just link the URL to the banner. You can check out the various menus in the top menu bar. You can manage affiliate programs while checking menus such as statistics, settlement management, and advertising management.

In the future, the administrator can check the distribution ratio per case, the number of subscribers who entered the partnership, sales, cumulative revenue, monthly settlement history, etc. on the page ~ !!

Who are eligible for the Affilate Program?

Users who are counted as affiliate program inflows are only new members who are new to Swing2App.

Existing members of Swing2App are not counted as affiliate users because they have already completed their subscriptions. Only new members who have accessed the user’s affiliate URL and registered at that URL will be counted.

Therefore, please remember that only new members are eligible for the influx of affiliate programs.

How is user settlements calculated?

Payments will only be made for the actual payments made, such as deposits and credit card payments, among those who have accessed through the user’s affiliate URL.

Users who are using paid services by using free coupons, etc., are not counted.

How does the Swing2App Affiliate Program review work?

When you apply for the Swing2App Affiliate Program, the Swing2App team will review it.

Qualifing for the Affiliate Program is not difficult, the screening takes about 1 day.

Just make sure you have a suitable homepage to promote Swing2App and make sure the site/platform where you're planning to promote Swing2App is active and attracts people.

Also, when you apply, provide your company and service-related introduction properly.

We also check whether there are many other users’ connections, and comprehensively select who is good for the Swing2App Affiliate Program.

Only Swing2App subscription ticket price will be paid?

Yes, that’s right.

Only the ticket sales will be distributed, and since more than 90% of the current swing2app sales will be for the use of tickets, there will be no significant difference in the amount of the dividend.

Upload tickets, capacity purchase tickets, and SMS purchases are not eligible.

What is the payment due date and settlement method?

It is settled on the first day of every month.

Please note that sales will be settled after counting sales for the previous month until the 25th of the previous month.

After first joining the site with an affiliate program, will you be an influx user if you later access it with a separate swing URL?


After joining as an inflow user for the first time, if you sign up after time or computer changes, you will continue to be an inflow user.

Will I continue to receive Swing2App Affiliate Program revenue?

Users who enter into four affiliate programs will get lifetime revenue.

As a result, you can continue to receive dividends (commissions) for items that you purchase.

After the affiliate program approval, how can we promote Swing2App?

In the affiliate program applicant's email, we will provide a Swing2App promotion banner image.

Then you need to place that banner on your site's homepage and enter the URL of the affiliate link.

(Once approved, the applicants will receive a unique URL to the swing2App, and the applicant will receive dividends when your site users will use the provided link to visit our site.)

In addition to posting banners on your site, you can also share the link with other users.

SNS – You can use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to promote our service.

The more promotion you do, the more people will use the provided link, and accordingly, you'll receive a decided portion of the profit.

For promotional instructions, please check out the post below.

[How to promote Swing2App by using the affiliate program]

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