Billing FAQs

Refund Policy

Unused passes and tickets purchased from Swing2App can be refunded.

Please note, however, that no refunds will be given after the vouchers and prizes have been used.

1) The refund can be fully refunded on the day of purchase of the paid subscription, but no refund will be made if the number of days of use is deducted by even one day.

2) When purchasing discounted products, no installment refund will be made for the remainder of the period after the date of use has commenced even for a single day.

3) If the payment was made by credit card or electronic payment, if the refund is made after 30 days of the payment date, the refund will be processed in the amount excluding the 10% card fee.

4)Unused tickets are 100% refundable.

Even if your app isn't released to the Store, agency fees won't be refunded for apps that have used a ticket to register for the Store.

5) For free passes and tickets received free of charge, such as coupons, even if you have not used them, there will be no refund.

*To apply for a refund, please refer to the 'How do I get a refund' section below.

How do I get a refund?

Online Stores - When you enter [Payment Status], the [Request for Refund] button will pop up for the product you have paid.

You can get a refund by selecting the Request a Refund button.

*At this time, you can only apply for a refund for unused tickets and tickets.

The Request a Refund button does not appear for used tickets!

Even if the refund application is completed in the swing, the cancellation authorization may take 1 to 4 days, depending on the card company.

If you face any other problems, please contact the Swing2App Customer Center.


Where do I pay for the paid products?

For payment, you can see the app manager page – at the top of the dashboard, there is a [Payment] menu.

Go to the Swing Pass, Ticket Purchase page/Swing Plugin purchase page, select the product you want, and pay for it. Payment methods include [Credit Card Payment, Mobile Phone Payment, Passless Deposit, Kakao Pay, Swing-to-App Electronic Payment (Pay App)]. You can choose a convenient method and make a payment.

Mobile phone payment is not more than $50, so please use other methods such as card payment, pay app, Kakao Pay, Passless deposit, etc.

Mobile phone micropayments are not available to SKT carriers, so please understand the benefits. (LG, KT only)\

Once the payment confirmation is complete, we will add the product as your username.

Passbook-free deposits may take some time outside business hours, weekends and holidays because the person in charge will add the voucher after the deposit has been confirmed.

Online Stores -You can check your purchases and products in [Payment Status].

I paid for a fee. When will the number of days of use be counted?

Paid subscriptions are counted for days from the date of payment of the subscription.

For example, if you paid on March 4th, the period starts on the 4th of March.

So if you need to put an app on your stove, make sure you've finished building the app and then buy a paid subscription and upload ticket.

How are the days of use handled during the App Store and Play Store review period?

The App Store and Play Store review period takes about a week.

During the examination period, the number of days of use of the pass will be deducted as it is.

Even if the app has not been released to the Store, the number of days of use will be counted because the app must operate normally during the review period.

Therefore, we will not supplement the review period of the app.

Users may want to think about the review period in advance and use it as a way to add more tickets in time for the completion of the review.

How do I use the voucher coupon I received from Swing?

When you receive a swing coupon by email, the coupon has a serial number.

Swing homepage Online Stores > Use Coupon Go to the menu, enter the serial number listed on the coupon and use the coupon.

The coupon has a redemption period, so be sure to check the expiration date. The applied product can be checked in the Online Stores - [Payment Status] menu.

Will I get a discount on my long-term paid app subscription?

If you look at the prices of your products, we offer 6 months and 12 months at a discount.

-19-20% discount on 6-month subscription purchase

-26%-30% discount on 12-month subscription purchase

You can buy a 1-month pass cheaper than you would for a 1-month pass, and the discount rate varies from product to product, so please check the price and proceed with your purchase.

After I purchase my subscription, where can I find out how long I want to use it?

When you purchase an item, the top of the dashboard lists the name of the purchased product and the expiration date of the app.

And Online Stores - [Payment Status] allows you to check the usage period along with the detailed payment status of the purchased product.

Will I be automatically charged when I purchase an extended subscription to a paid app?

It's not an automatic payment.

Therefore, after confirming the date of use, you must re-purchase on the site before the expiration of the period to extend the period of use.

Please check the date of use correctly and make your payment.

What happens to the app if I don't pay for it again before the expiration of the paid app period?

When the paid period ends, the app will also be suspended.

The app will not be deleted, so if you re-purchase your subscription, the app will automatically be restored and run normally.

The number of days you can use the paid app is listed on the dashboard screen at the top of the Swing2App site app manager page.

From the date of use, you will receive an e-mail announcing the end of the service period, so you can pay before the end of the use date.

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