HTML Editor Writing

HTML Editor is a bulletin board writing tool that adds various styles and writing design from the existing bulletin board writing method.

When writing a bulletin board post, you can apply various styles such as text style, text size, text color, underline, and bold text to make the post look more beautiful than the existing bulletin board post.

1. Write HTML Editor

Go to Manager. Select Posts and click on the bulletin board from the list.

When you select an HTML editor, you’ll get a toolbar with a variety of text-decoration features, as shown in the image.

You can apply a variety of styles such as text style, text size, text color, underline, bold, etc. to make your writing more beautiful.

*Best of all,

You can freely place images in the middle of the text, add hyperlinks (website links), videos, and more.

▶ You’ll understand it more easily if you see the GIF image!

2. Easy Editor Writing

It’s a traditional bulletin board writing style.

If you select Easy Editor(default editor), you’ll create text without the ability to decorate your writing.

If you only write simple phrases, you can use them.

3. Edit your post

It’s also very easy to edit the text you write in the HTML editor.

Select the pencil icon button at the top of the post.

Press the button to open the edit post window.

Click on the Edit button in the middle of the text.

After editing in the editor’s writing page, press the Apply button.

★ Additional Guide

If you select the Full-Screen icon in the HTML Editor, the screen will be converted to full screen.

HTML editor writing can be used in Swing2App homepage (PC web, mobile) post management.

HTML editor writing is not available in the app.

*You can only write basic posts, so please make sure to work on the web to use the editor posts.

Please also use HTML editors that can apply various text styles on the board.

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