How to use: Menu Exposure Settings

Hiding menus is a new and updated feature in App MakerV3

When you create a menu, you can create it by choosing whether to Exposure / Hiding the menu, unlike the previous one, which was always shown in the app.

This means that if you have content that is not yet available to users or available to a particular group of users, you can Hiding the menu.

Hiding menus will not be visible in the app, and if you change to Exposure, the app will automatically show them.

It's very simple to use, so please check the manual below to find out how to use it.

​The menu disable function is available in the App Maker V3 - STEP3 page step.

After adding the menu on the MakerV3 screen, check the menu to 'Hiding' in the right menu settings - preferences - and save it.

On the right virtual machine (preview), you can see that the menu is not visible now.

'Hiding' is a functionality that generates a menu within the application interface, yet refrains from active display for app users, maintaining a non-visible presence.

So on the App MakerV3 screen, only the administrator who is creating the app can see it.

When the production is complete, and you re-open the app, you can change the menu to 'Exposure' and save.

You don't need to re-create the app, just save it, exit the app, and relaunch it to see the menu.

App launch screen - check to Hiding menu

You can test the app to see if the menu is actually invisible in the app.

After checking the "Swing2App Hotel" menu as "Hiding", you will see that when you launch the app, you will not see the "Swing2App Hotel" menu, only the other active menus will be visible.

Since no updates are required, you can always modify this menu setting and incorporate the menus back into your app.


The menu Hiding function is an addition to the MakerV3 version and is not available in the MakerV2 version.

If you use this feature, you can switch to the MakerV3 version.

Be sure to proceed with the initial update at the time of the transition.

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