Swing Shop FAQ

What is a swing shop?

Swing Shop is a shopping mall app creation service that allows anyone to easily and conveniently create their own shopping mall app!! Is.

You can easily apply for a shopping mall, and you can use the mall service for free without the cost of development, construction, etc.

◆You can use the swing shop for free without any production cost.

◆Easy operation management such as product registration and management is possible.

◆By establishing a payment system, I can implement the same function as a real shopping mall.

◆If you have a swing app that you have already created, you can use the swing shop function by linking it to the existing app.

◆ The swing shop can also be modified and updated by the user from time to time and provides all the necessary tools for operation.

◆ Functions provided by Swing2App – Marketing uses such as pushes, pop-ups, etc. are all available.

How do I apply for a swing shop?

You can apply for the swing shopping mall Swing Homepage Manager – My Menu – Swing Store menu.

Enter the store name and email address of the person in charge and select the Activate button.

As soon as the application is completed, the [Swing Shop] menu is created on the app operation page.

When the app is finished and the app is commercialized, you can purchase a paid app subscription and change it to 'Use'.

Swing shop applications do not have a separate examination or approval, so you can use the swing shop menu right away as soon as you apply.

How do I register my product after applying for the Swing Shop?

When a swing shop is applied, a swing shop menu is created on the app manager page.

From the swing shop menu, you can go into Product Management and register the product after registering the category.

The method depends on which product you want to register, so please look at the product registration manual provided by the Swing to App and work on it.

1) Register a physical product

2) Register the reservation product - Date reservation product

3) Register the reservation product - Date & time reservation product

4) Register Digital Product-PDF File

5) Register Digital Product-permission change

6) Register digital products-video files

7) Digital Product-Coupon Registration

Where can I apply for the Swing Mall?

Swing shopping mall can be applied on the app manager page > My Menu – Swing Store menu. The shopping mall service-payment module is applied by selecting Activate/Deactivate option.

[Go to apply for shopping mall service]

Can I apply the swing shopping mall to an existing app?

Yes, it is applicable. The swing shopping mall can be used by applying from my menu.

You can select an existing app and apply a shopping mall to that app to use it.

So instead of having to create a new app, you can apply the shopping mall function to your existing app and use it.

How do I put the size in the shopping mall when registering the product image?

There is no recommended size when registering the product.

The product image is automatically corrected to the image size to fit the horizontal size of the mobile phone.

Is there a swing shop fee?

The swing shop feature is free to use, and there is no charge to use the mall.

Can digital products not be deposited without a passbook?

If you sell digital products - PDFs, coupons, video files, permissions, etc. in the app, you must apply the in-app payment module and you will not be able to make a passless deposit.

In addition, regular card payments are not allowed by the store, so if you sell digital products, you will need to develop an in-app payment module provided by Apple and Google and apply it to your app.

Cashless deposits, unlike card payments, do not know when the user made the deposit and when it was paid.

You have to make a payment and put the product in right away (there is a period of use, etc.), but it is difficult for the manager to manage everything.

And this method is a payment system that is not allowed in stores either.

In the case of digital products, we do not approve them without a separate electronic payment because we are trading invisible products.

Even in the swing shop, if you make a passless deposit, you will not be able to apply.

It's hard to do in-app, and if you only have to make a passless deposit into the product!!

Instead of using the swing shop, you can write down the deposit account number on the bulletin board or announcement and use it as a way to receive separate deposits from users.

However, please note that the app of the content (how you get paid by listing your account number on the bulletin board) is not available on the App Store!

Can digital products only apply to the in-app payment module?

Yes yes.

In accordance with the App Store and Play Store payment policies, if the app sells digital goods (intangible services such as coupons, permissions, files, etc.) except physical products, the general electronic payment system (card payment, passless deposit) including the Pay App is not applicable.

(Even if you can sign up for the Pay App, the Store won't allow it.)

Therefore, if you plan to launch an app that applies digital products, you should not apply an electronic payment system such as a pay app, but rather develop and apply the in-app payment module provided by Apple and Google separately to your app.

-Please use the inquiry board (http://www.swing2app.co.kr/view/service_qa) for in-app consultation, and live chat during business hours.

- In-app requires development work, and development costs vary depending on the volume inside the app. Cost guidance is available after the consultation.

Can I apply for a PAYPAL (payment module) in the free version of the app?

Swing Shop access is also available in the free version of the app.

However, when you apply for a PAYPAL(applying the actual payment module), you can only apply for the paid version of the app.

In other words, when you check the payment service as 'unused', you can use all the free versions**, and when you check 'Use', you can only apply for the paid version of the app.**

When you use the payment service (PAYPAL application), it is commercialized, so it can only be applied to the paid version of the app.

What is PAYPAL?

PAYPAL is an electronic payment service agency that supports on/offline payment services.

Since it provides payment services such as online card payment, passless deposit, and mobile phone payment, there is a shopping mall function within the app, so when you need to make a payment, you must connect an electronic payment system (module) such as a PAYPAL.

Swing2App has partnered with PAYPAL to support payments by linking PAYPAL payment methods to apps created by Swing2App.

So if you're creating a shopping mall app, you'll need to sign up for a pay-per-store store.

When you apply your subscribed ID to the app, the app will be able to make the actual payment.

Please let us know the industry that you cannot sign up for PAYPAL.

Please check the industries that are not eligible for registration.

[Industries not eligible for registration]

1) When you make a payment in the form of cash, credit, and not in cash trading the product

2) Gambling, Illicit Trade

3) If at the time of checkout, the buyer and seller are not directly connected, but there is an intermediary dealer (remove the fee from the middle and provide the seller with the remaining amount)

4) If it is difficult to confirm the industry (product cannot be verified, the actual transaction path cannot be confirmed, sponsorship, funding, fundraising, etc.)

5) When selling content, if the content is a financial instrument such as securities, stocks, derivatives, etc.

6) Sell adult products, liquor, etc.

7) Mobile gift certificate sale, point charging product is not available

8) Business agency expenses (visa application agency, product purchase agency, etc.)

What are the shopping mall payment methods?

Regular card payment, bank transfer, and micropayment (mobile phone payment) are standard.

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