Unlimited Usage and Package FAQ

What is Push Unlimited Paid App?

It is a subscription that can only be purchased for apps created exclusively for push, and it is a product that has no time limit.

You don't have to pay a monthly fee to get unlimited access to the app for an unlimited period of time.

What is a paid webview unlimited app?

It is a subscription that can only be purchased for apps created exclusively for webview, and it is a product that has no time limit.

You don't have to pay a monthly fee to get unlimited access to the app for an unlimited period of time

Do I need to purchase a separate store upload ticket when I purchase a webview and push unlimited subscription?

Unlimited paid app products for webviews and push-only do not include upload tickets (Play Store, App Store).

You will need to purchase and apply for a Store upload ticket that you want to launch and update on the Play Store, App Store, etc.

We recommend that you purchase unlimited packages that come with upload tickets.

[Go to the package purchase page]

Is there any cost to use the app in the future when I purchase a webview or push unlimited subscription?

Since it is an unlimited product, so you can use it for a lifetime when you purchase a subscription.

There are no additional usage fees to be paid.

However, if the app is updated, the app must be updated by the store, so you may need to purchase additional products such as App Store upload tickets and Play Store upload tickets.

Can I use unlimited Android or iPhone products and change them to Integrated (Android + iPhone)?

Yes you can.

For example, if you add an iPhone while using [Push Only Unlimited Android $250]→ you can purchase the [Push Only Unlimited iPhone $350] product.

If you purchase additional products, they can be used together in an integrated format.

In addition, the App Store upload ticket ( $20) must be purchased separately.

(App Store upload launch agency cost)

However, if you purchase each product separately, it will be more expensive than the integrated type, so if you are going to run Android + iPhone, it will be more expensive to purchase and use the integrated type from the beginning.

When I purchase a webview, push unlimited subscription, will the app switch to unlimited right away?

The development team will set aside unlimited servers, so even if your payment is complete, you won't be able to switch right away.

The development team will handle it separately within 1-2 hours, and you can use it as an app with an unlimited usage period after you send the notification e-mail.

Do apps that are available in the Store need to be updated after purchasing a webview, push unlimited subscription?

App updates are essential because you need to set aside unlimited servers.

Therefore, you will need to update the Play Store and the App Store again with an updated version of the app.

A new version of the app must be uploaded to the Store for existing users to receive and use the update, and new users can also use it as an app with push restrictions.

Can I change to unlimited products while using the basic subscription?

Yes you can.

If you are using the basic subscription, you can change it to unlimited products at the end of the use and purchase it.

However, since partial refunds are not possible for the remaining period of use, it is recommended that you purchase the product after the end of the service period.

(If you don't mind a partial refund, you can buy it right away while you're using it.)

Can I use unlimited integration and change to only one platform for iPhone or Android?

It is not possible.

Users can make apps invisible by deleting or unpublishing apps from individually released stores.

For example, if you only use the Play Store Android phone, and you stop using the App Store, you can proceed by unloading the app that has been released to the App Store.

We cannot take any action, such as discontinuing the use of the app on the user's phone, and we will not refund it by deducting the cost of the unlimited paid app product price that you do not use.

Please tell us the steps to proceed after purchasing the webview and push unlimited passes.

1) After the app is finished creating, please purchase unlimited use for push-only and store upload tickets.

Alternatively, we recommend that you purchase a package that includes all your upload tickets.

2) When you purchase an unlimited subscription, the development team will set aside unlimited servers and re-create the app in a new version.

(It takes 1-2 hours, and the setting time may be delayed when applying outside of business hours.)

This means that unlimited access will not be used immediately, even if payment is completed.

3) When the operation is completed, a completion notification e-mail will be sent to the user.

From the time you receive the completion email, you will be able to use the app with an unlimited trial period.

4) We will send you a list of the store launch method and upload application method through the notification e-mail, so please check the contents and apply for upload.

You can receive an upload request to release your app to the Play Store, App Store, etc.

After purchasing the Admob Power Package product, how do I set up the Admob ad?

If you select the [Buy] button on the Admob Power Package product page, you can see the detailed product description and how to set the Admob plug-in ad.

After purchasing the product, you can set up Admob ads directly in the app, and you can also check the manual below to learn more about how to set up ads.

[How to set up Admob plugin ads]

Will the upload ticket provided in the package only be given for 1 time?

This is a four-time offer, and if you need an update after the initial registration (launch) of the app, you will need to purchase a store-specific upload ticket and re-apply for the upload.

-App Store upload ticket: $20

-PlayStore Upload Ticket: $10

*Play Store does not require you to purchase upload tickets if you do it yourself.

Why Does other Package offer have a different pass than the Basic Pass?

The services offered are a little different from the four basic products.

You can only have up to 500MB of app capacity, 4 chat rooms, and up to 50 bulletin boards.

Due to the different services provided, please make sure to check the product details before purchasing.

When can I purchase a package?

Packaged goods can only be purchased from apps built from regular prototypes.

-If you use a small amount of capacity and need a lot of time to use the app: Recommended product of $330 in a budget package

-When using large capacity: Large storage package for a $550 product is recommended

-When operating a profitable app with Admob applied: We recommend the AdMob Power Package for $580.

For an introduction and detailed information on each product, please refer to the pricing policy below.

[Go see the swing package product]

Is the Push, WebView app not available for purchase of packaged goods?

Yes, apps created with Push, WebView are not available for purchase.

Packaged goods can only be purchased in apps created with generic prototypes - Top, Footer, Slide, Drop-Down List & Box.

Can I change my subscription to another paid app while using the package?

After the end of the subscription period of the package paid app in use, it can be purchased and applied with another subscription.

During the use of the packaged product, it is not possible to change to another subscription, so please use it after the end of the service period.

In addition to the Google Admob plugin product, do I need to purchase paid app access and store upload tickets separately?

Yes, this product is a plug-in product that only allows you to set up an admob.

Paid app access and upload agency fees are not included.

*Admob Power Package product is recommended, which includes all passes, admob and store upload tickets.

In order to launch the Play Store and App Store, you will need to apply for an upload.

- Play Store upload ticket, app store upload ticket purchase and application

-The Play Store does not require the purchase of tickets if you can register and update directly, and the App Store can only be done on your behalf.

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