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What is an app introduction?

The app introduction is a home screen style page provided by the swing page and is one of the menus that fills up the main home screen.

It can show you the app introduction, site address (URL), address, phone number, and email address, making it the most basic home screen configuration design.

When you first build your app with Swing2App, If you are not sure about what to put on the home screen, go with the app introduction page which has a default setting to show users the home screen guidelines.

In addition to the app introduction page, you can freely change and create various other menus – image pages, web templates, HTML editor pages, images, bulletin boards, web links, etc.

*Since the app introduction is the default sample page, we recommend that you change it to another menu.

Go to the HomeScreen editing Manual: https://wp. swing2app. documentation/ v3manual/home/

1. Apply [App Introduction Page] to your app

On the MakerV3 screen.

1)Go to STEP3 Page

2)Select Menu or Create a new menu. Click on the [+] button to add a new menu.

*The app introduction can also be applied to the HOME menu.

3) Enter the menu name

4) Select the [Basic Feature]-> [Page] option from under the page design.

5) Click on the [Function] option-> Select [App Info] page. Click on the [Apply] button. (Hover the mouse cursor over the page and the Apply button opens)

6) Press the [Save] button at the top of the screen to apply it to the app.

*If you select the Preview button, you can check how the page will look with a web preview (virtual machine).

*After applying a page, you can also check how the page is applied to the app through a virtual machine.

*Menu icon during the production phase, menu settings are not required.

In the manual, we proceeded without any additional settings, so please apply additional settings if required.

2. App launch screen: Check the app introduction page

This is the screen where the app introduction page is applied.

Representative of the app icon image, the style is that the app introduction, the website link (URL) at the bottom, and the navigation buttons at the bottom are placed.

The app introduction is the home main screen that we provide by default to those who are creating apps with a Swing2App for the first time.

Therefore, you do not have to apply the home screen as an 'Introduction to the App' and use it.

You can modify your home screen with a variety of different menus to create.

▶ Please check the page you are moving to when selecting the App Introduction-Icon banner through the image that you are in.

03. How to modify the app introduction menu and contents

[How to modify the app introduction description and banner content]

You can modify the items on the app introduction page from the [Advanced Settings] menu at the top of the app creation screen.

1)Select the [Advanced Settings] menu at the top of the app creation page

2)Settings: App Service Information

3)You can modify it by pressing the [EDIT] button.

4)After modification, press the [Save] button and it will be reflected in the app.

When you create your first app, you need to request that the app be created.

When you make a modification back to an app you've created, it is automatically reflected in the app when you save it.

04. App introduction content, how to delete buttons

Advanced Settings – In the App Service Information, press the [Reset] button in the 'Phone number, email, site address, address, app description'

Press [Reset] and then simply press the [Save] button at the top to remove the navigation button.

If you want the buttons to be visible again, you can press the [EDIT] button on each setting value and enter the contents.

On the app introduction screen, you can see that the navigation button at the bottom is missing~!

App introduction instructions


1)If I modify the introductory text of the app and save it, will it not be reflected immediately?

App Introduction Title Phrase Modification will be reflected only if you save it on the first 1 modification and then press the [App Creation] button to update it to the new version.

After 1 modification, just save it and it will be automatically reflected in the app from then on.

2)When entering the site address, it is linked with the [Share] icon button at the bottom and the site link address in the middle.

Therefore, if you enter the site address, the sharing button and the site address will be displayed together.

If you delete it, it will be removed along with the share button and the site address.

3) The representative image of the app introduction page is displayed in conjunction with the app icon image. *Separate modification and removal are not possible.

4) When the first app was created, the home screen set the main screen to the 'About App' page.

It's a guideline-setting screen for first-time creators.

Therefore, in addition to the app introduction page, the home screen can be modified with various menus.

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